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Dominican girl that knows more than mangu ;).

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your gorgeous<3
follow me back lovee

Aww thank you hun!! Love ur blog!! and I am doing now :) xoxo


helloo, your blog is gorgeous!
much love x

thank you hun!! :) xoxo


oh and, i don't know what genre you're into, but there's a good author called Chris Kuzneski. his books are more action/thriller. i feel like a bit of a boy when i read them but they're great xxx

LOL! I’m into anything really hun, so thank you! I’ll definitely check them out :) xoxox


Thanks For Following Love(: Your Gaww-juss. #DominicanGirlPower

Aww thank you hun.. You’re welcome pretty girl! and siii! Tu sabes dominicana!!


you should get the Belle De Jour book! it's obviously sex filled but she's such a funny writer xxx

My friend mentioned this to me just yesterday, sounds like a good read! Thanks hun :) xoxo


Hahaha lol, pretty nice Dominican Rep. I'm from Aruba you've ever been there?
I was planning to go to Dom. Rep this year. How is it over there?

No I haven’t been there before I want to go though it looks beautiful :) and yes you should definitely go!! You’ll love it


Hey dolls! I love reading but I’ve read every book in my bookcase!! Please message me or comment back with some good books I can go out and purchase :) Thankyou xoxo


omg where do i find a girl like you... so hot but i bet you know that ;)

LOL! Well I’m dominican so book a flight to dominican republic :)